Moving house is a huge undertaking and can be quite stressful. To help make moving a little less traumatic, here are a few tips to follow.

1. Get Everything You Need for The Packing and Moving

Family moving

Gather boxes, box fillers, markers, bubble wrap, labels, and tape. Make a list or schedule of how you want to pack.

2. Start the Process with Weeks to Spare

Don’t leave packing to the last minute. Start packing smaller non-essentials weeks before you move.

3. Pack Your House Room by Room

Start the packing of smaller things and start at a specific room. Make sure to label all the boxes and bags so you know what goes where.

4. De-Clutter as You Sort Things

Moving is the ideal time to throw out unwanted things. De-clutter your house, garage and life.

5. Try to Pack Boxes as Full as Possible

Fill any small spaces in boxes to keep them from moving around and getting damaged.

6. Pack the Kitchen and Bathroom Last

Pack these rooms last as they have many essentials that you will need while moving and on the first day in your new house.

7. Label All Packaging

Make sure to label all your boxes and bags. This makes unpacking easier and less time-consuming.

8. Dismantle Large Furniture If Possible

Dismantle large furniture and appliances. Make sure to take pictures as you dismantle so you know where everything goes.

9. Keep Important Papers Safe

Put any important documents in a folder or file and keep it safe. You don’t want these getting lost in the chaos of moving.

10.Use Garbage Bags and Ziploc Bags for Extras

Larger items that are light or have awkward shapes can be moved in garbage bags. Smaller items like toiletries and random odds and ends are moved easily in Ziploc bags.

11. Keep Things That You Will Need Separate

Things like a kettle, coffee, toothbrushes, bathroom essentials and medication should be kept separate. Move them in your car to make sure you have these on the other side.

12. Hire Professionals

A professional moving company will make things easier. People sometimes under-estimate how much work moving can be.

Professionals know how to pack boxes and move furniture.