1. Keep breakables safe by wrapping them in clothes or bubble wrap. It saves space to use clothes, dishcloths, pillowcases, etc. for padding breakables.

2. Socks are handy for packing glasses. It gives them extra padding.

3. Put plastic on toiletry bottles and then put the caps back on. This helps prevent leaks and having liquids all over your belongings.

4. Pack plates vertically as this lowers the risk of breakage. Make sure to separate them with bubble wrap or other padding materials. Also, pad the insides of the box.

5. Use plastic wrap to secure any items or drawers you want to leave intact. It might not be necessary to unpack drawers. Keep the items inside in place by wrapping the drawer with plastic wrap.

6. Keep small bags handy for screws, curtain hooks, etc. You know they are going to get lost, so label them as well.

7. Use your baskets, suitcases, hampers and laundry bins for packing. This saves you from getting extra boxes.

8. Label boxes and indicate which room they should go to. This makes it easier to unpack in the new house. It also tells the movers where the boxes should go.

9. Defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving. Make sure to not make big grocery trips in the last two weeks before the move. Think about having non-perishables available for the last two days.

10. Reinforce boxes for books and other heavy items. This prevents the bottom from falling out or tearing.

11. Pack heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. Try not to pack boxes too heavy.

12. Close and seal all boxes to secure your belongings. Make sure that your things are safe and cannot fall out. Tape boxes closed and secure the tape.